PLAYS by Carol Aubrey

Carol’s humorous 1-act play, What Will Happen to Us?, was given a staged reading as part of the 9th Annual Bench Warmer Series at the Santa Fe Playhouse, New Mexico.

Carol’s newest 1-act plays are:

Ready? a metaphor about the 3 existential fears humans adopt

The Queen Slept Last Night a humorous rendition of our timeless need to sleep and the inability of many to do so

The Victorious Victim a comedy that will change your mind about the role you play in your life

The above plays are part of a series, Short Plays for the Long Journey.

Updated 2013


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Overcoming Fear of Uncertainty in Challenging Times (a talk/teleconference)

During times of collapse, there exists the opportunity for great personal and social transformation. Yet the uncertainty that arises can trigger our survival fears and send us backwards, pressuring us into trying to control and dominate once again.

For many of us, this old-age paradigm is no longer an option. How, then, do we respond when our fears arise? How can we get comfortable with uncertainty, give up trying to control what is always uncontrollable, and gracefully surf this wave of great change and opportunity?  Learn how to reframe the human journey and your purpose here.

Join Carol for an inspirational and pragmatic
post-New Age talk!

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  • Quotes By Carol

    “Many times we don't feel the current of life because we are holding onto the banks of the river for dear life, clutching our plan, our blueprint, our carefully crafted treasure map, cursing the flow that is all around us, even as we bemoan why we can't seem to find it.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    A stream is filled with rocks, but a strong current finds a way around them. The water does not protest; it does not trip over the rocks. Completely non-resistent, the water makes an expedient choice and continues on its way, never losing a beat, its voice all the richer for the encounter.”