PLAYS by Carol Aubrey

Carol’s humorous 1-act play, What Will Happen to Us?, was given a staged reading as part of the 9th Annual Bench Warmer Series at the Santa Fe Playhouse, New Mexico.

Carol’s newest 1-act plays are:

Ready? a metaphor about the 3 existential fears humans adopt

The Queen Slept Last Night a humorous rendition of our timeless need to sleep and the inability of many to do so

The Victorious Victim a comedy that will change your mind about the role you play in your life

The above plays are part of a series, Short Plays for the Long Journey.

Updated 2013


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Fear, Flow & Your Finances: Restoring Balance & Peace of Mind (a talk/teleconference)

How much of your precious time and energy do you invest in worrying about the uncertain future? No matter what our level of income or amount of assets, in times of financial uncertainty our fears and issues about money rise up and threaten our emotional freedom. They rob us of our enjoyment of life, and pressure us to make very inauthentic choices based on fear and control.

While we can sense that these times offer tremendous opportunities, the pressure of our fears can cause us to shut down to our possibilities and be blind to our choices. The current economic collapse calls for a new kind of emotional intelligence about money, resources, and value.   What shifts in our perceptions about money can we make?  What can we do to regain our emotional freedom and maintain quality of life?  How does fear affect our finances?  How can we find flow and restore our peace of mind?

Learn how to restore your emotional freedom and sustainability as you transform your conditioning and approaches to money and resources.

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Evolving Your Money Consciousness (a workshop / teleconference)

Become highly responsive to economic uncertainty. Learn the new model for success in these times of great change.

Profound changes are occurring on our planet, in our populations and our economies. These unprecedented changes call for a new kind of emotional intelligence about money, resources, and values.

The economic meltdown has caused a sudden and swift confrontation with our human survival issues. Survival fears, as well as fantasies, distort our relationship to money and cause us to lose sight of our spiritual compass. It becomes easy to see ourselves as victims and blame the outside world for our financial problems.

The purpose of this course is to evolve your understanding of money and change your perceptions, emotions, choices and approach to money so that you can make self-valuing and sustainable choices that evolve your endeavors. You will discover that your economic well-being has everything to do with you and little to do with what goes on in the outside world.

Using the workbook provided, you will gain an in-depth understanding of the power fear and fantasy have to distort your behavior and choices and lead you to misdirect your innate creative abilities. You will learn to see money in context with all of your resources: your energy, your time, your love, your attention, because money represents all of these things.

Workbook / Sessions:

Part 1.  Your Personal Relationship to Money & Resources
Part 2.  Fear and the Economic Model of Survival
Part 3.  Creating a Different Financial Reality
Part 4.  Thinking Outside the Box: In-power Tools

The ground-breaking information in this course will give you the clarity to maintain high levels of freedom and enjoyment with the money you already have, or the courage to forge a new beginning with tools and skills that can serve you beautifully during the global transformations that are already upon us.

For more information and to register, email
or call 505 216-0750

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Overcoming Fear of Uncertainty in Challenging Times (a talk/teleconference)

During times of collapse, there exists the opportunity for great personal and social transformation. Yet the uncertainty that arises can trigger our survival fears and send us backwards, pressuring us into trying to control and dominate once again.

For many of us, this old-age paradigm is no longer an option. How, then, do we respond when our fears arise? How can we get comfortable with uncertainty, give up trying to control what is always uncontrollable, and gracefully surf this wave of great change and opportunity?  Learn how to reframe the human journey and your purpose here.

Join Carol for an inspirational and pragmatic
post-New Age talk!

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    “Civilizations do not fall because of enemies from without. It is the enemies from within who weaken a nation. The real barbarians and invaders in the form of fearful thoughts arrive within our minds long before they materialize from across the sea.”